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Growth strategies, tangible results and operational optimizations at your service.

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Reduction of Procurement and life cycle costs

With 20+ years of expertise and customization of the most suitable best practices, we have achieved procurement and life cycle cost reductions of 4% - 60%. Quickly integrated with customers and validated by Controller.


Improvement in Operations and Business Development

Temporary Manager's expertise guides our excellent offer of projects and process reengineering to increase company speed and productivity and achieve significant increases in margins and turnover.

Sustainability, Circular Economy and Green Marketing

Design, adapt and quickly integrate the best Sustainability and Green Marketing solutions, also as competitive levers for companies.

Temporary Management, Coaching and Training

Experienced Temporary Managers support peaks in activity and company transformations while expert trainers with 20+ years of experience promote the development of Human Resources, in harmony with the Clients' objectives.

Due diligence and Benchmarking

Our Due Diligence and Benchmarking offer a complete overview of internal and external activities, revealing objectives, points of strengths and improvement and related Fit-Gap actions. Our Benchmarking of Competitor’ sustainability supports Sustainability and Sales decisions.


Your best future

Sumaxia was born from synthesis of the expertise of Proserpina and Roscioli Development to offer sustainable Lean and VSM solutions, Future Scenario Analysis and Sentiment Analysis integrated with Green Marketing.

ERP Change-Over, Digital Transformation and Tracking systems

Scouting and supporting the fastest integration of the most competitive ERP solutions, with accurate PM and Change-Over, also with BPR. We propose methods for Digital Transformation and the most suitable technologies and initiatives for Tracking along Supply Chain.


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