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Sumaxia was born from the synthesis of the profound expertise of Proserpina and Roscioli Development in Operational Excellence and Sustainability: a new service for the competitive and sustainable growth of the Company.

Reveals the winning formula that links environmental, social and ethical sustainability to business success. Discover how incorporating these principles gives meaning to your Company's mission and is also the key to building a successful and impactful Company in the competitive global landscape. Sustainability is more than a must: it is the path towards a full evolution of the business towards a responsible future.


  • Introduction of sustainable LEAN e VSM-Value Stream Mapping methodologies, for Operational & Sustainable Excellence

  • Analysis and Design of Future Scenario integrated with Benchmarking, to support product innovation & eco-efficiency

  • Sentiment Analysis and Green Marketing, for the best relationship with the market.

Discover the perfect combination between global sustainability, with particular attention to the environment, and the key to corporate competitiveness. 

The operational dimension recalls the primary need to avoid the waste of resources and to replace the use of non-renewable resources with renewable ones

The strategic dimension concerns the ability to imagine, organize and implement an "original" integration of products and investments

The communicative dimension connects the company to the market and enhances the opportunities for the company to respond to the new needs and new choice criteria of consumers.







Also thanks to our solutions for operational excellence integrated with end-to-end sustainability from design to delivery of the finished product or service.

With our ability to outline future scenarios, develop benchmarking analyzes and support product innovation and eco-efficiency.

Our Sentiment Analysis and Green Marketing services, including digital, allow you to interact continuously and effectively with current and potential consumers. Generating a reinforcement circuit between communication and innovation.


Thanks to the sustainable LEAN-VSM solutions, Future Scenario and Sentiment analysis, we emphasize the value of your activities, maximizing the benefit-cost ratio (ROI)


As with the other Proserpina’s solutions, Sumaxia's services also integrate actions with a global approach, providing the best support with over twenty years of multi-sector expertise and tangible speed, adapting best practices and releasing personalized and unique outputs and deliverables.


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